Beersheba nursing home resident tests positive for coronavirus

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An occupant of the grief-stricken Mishan Nursing Home in Beersheba tested positive for COVID-19 late on Friday night. 
All of the occupants of the assisted living ward in which she was admitted have gone into isolation, and family visits to the ward have been discontinued. 
This is a first case of coronavirus infection since the easing of the quarantine which was placed on the nursing home, where 14 residents have died so far.
The Mishan nursing home said in a statement on Saturday, following the incident that “Last night she was evacuated to the Soroka ICU from the assisted living ward after feeling ill, received a test and was found positive for the coronavirus. The tenant is now hospitalized. In addition, we are appealing to the Ministry of Health to acquire tests for all occupants and staff in the department.”

The family of 97-year-old Holocaust survivor Shimon Reinzilber, who died because of COVID-19 after contracting the virus at the facility in late March, raged against what they see as profound neglect of the elderly by the facility,
“He died alone, with no one by his side,” his grandson Oren told Maariv in early April, “my grandfather was a Holocaust survivor from Poland and he was among the first 17 families who arrived to Beersheba in 1949. He came on the ship Hatikva (the hope).”  
He said that for a month, family members were not allowed to meet him at Mishan and that his grandfather was asked to move back and forth between Mishan, where he lived, and Soroka Medical Center for tests.
Nursing homes and assisted-living facilities have been one of the major front lines in the fight against coronavirus in Israel, and around the world, due to the significantly higher death rates among senior citizens, coupled with the establishments’ increased need for social interactions.Yasser Okbi contributed to this article.

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